Types of EV Battery

Types of EV Battery



Types of  Battery


Any battery pack  is made up of individual cells. Inside these
cells, chemical energy is converted into  electrical energy.


 A battery is basically a combination
of number of cells arranged in a series to get the required output.

 Main Classification of Battery

 1) Primary Battery

Battery mainly us
ed in portable devices like in Torch, Remote control etc.we are
required to change the battery on these devices once they are no longer able to
provide the power that is required by the device. This is one of the primary
characteristics of primary battery.  

The chemical reaction in these  type of batteries  is not reversible that is why they are not  rechargeable. Primary battery are
cheap, light weighted and they are required little or no
 maintenance. The most common type
of primary battery is the dry cell type which require
 zinc or carbon as electrolyte.

 2)Secondary Battery

battery are recharge
able in nature and hence find more prominence. one of the
major application of secondary battery is it used SLI application.

      SLI stands for Starting Lighting Ignition. Other areas where secondary batteries are used in mobile phones, camcorders and so on. Examples of secondary batteries include lead  acid, nickel-cadmium(NiCd), nickel
metal hydride(NI-MH), Lithium ion batteries.


      Let us see which parameter needs to be
consider when selecting the battery:

·        1) C Rate  :

       When we need the instantaneous
power from our battery, the C rate is the            one which help

  2) Range of vehicles:

        In general, we need the higher
range. As the higher range we achieve,                    higher will be our
 battery size.     

  3)Weight and Size:

       As the size increases, weight of
our battery will increase, and overall                      complexity will
  Increase. Ultimately, it will
effect the energy efficiency. 
In              today EV’s,50-60% weight is eat up by battery only.

  4) Capital Cost:

       If we are getting higher weight and
higher size,then we are getting the              higher range.But th
e capital investment for our battery
will be higher as            well.

  5) Recharge time:

       If we have good battery, good
battery capacity, but what we suppose to                 wait  7-8 hours
 to recharge our battery. Battery charging time is also an               important parameter to be considered.

 6) Safety:

       As we are working with the batteries, there are chemical inside and human            safety is the Very first thing we need to consider.


from a battery:

  •        High specific energy
  •     High specific power
  •     Affordable price
  •     Long life
  •     Safety
  •     Wide operating range
  •     Toxicity
  •     Fast charging

     There are some other types of
secondary batteries but the 4 major types        are :

 1)  Lead acid battery


It was a default battery technology
for the electric vehicle. It has a lower capital cost than other competing
battery technologies. It has a limited life cycle if operated on a deep rate of
SOC(state of charge).It has low energy. It may need maintenance. It has low
effiency compared to other batteries


2)  Nickel-Cadmium(Ni-Cd)

   Nickel cadmium is rechargeable battery used for portable computers,

      camcorders, photography equipments,flashlights,toys and other portable

     devices. This battery is comparatively inexpensive. This battery has long  life.  It can discharge fully without being damaged.

 3) Nickel Metal Hydried(Ni-MH)

        This battery has double energy density compared to lead acid.This battery            can store volumetric power and energy. This battery is used in wide range            of electronic devices such as digital cameras,cellular phones, transceivers            etc.

    4) Lithium-ion battery(Li-ion)

         Nickle metal hydride and Lithium ion emerge 1990’s,fighting nose to nose            to gain customer acceptance.Toay,Lithium ion is the fastest growing and              most promising battery chemistry.Lithium ion batteries are used in many              products such as electronis,small and large appliances, electric vehicles.

Types of EV Battery

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