Tesla Electric Car/Tesla confirms manufacturing plants in India

Tesla Electric Car/Tesla confirms manufacturing plants in India

Tesla is world’s large electric car manufacturing company. There are many rumours from past some years on Tesla launching in India but there is no official confirmation statements from either Tesla or government of India but now we can see some official statement from Tesla which indicates Tesla is going to set up manufacturing plant in India.

Why Tesla is popular worldwide:

  • The main reason became popular is because it makes electric cars.An individual don’t need to put any fuel in it. We can run EVs at very low running cost along with saving the environment. 
  • The second thing is technology.Tesla implemented autopilot OT updates and other high end tech features in it. Each and every Technology will easily get attracted to it.
  • The third thing is their customer satisfaction and reliability.
  • Fourth thing is the charging station network.                                                   
  • These all things made Tesla to become number one brand in the world. 
Tesla currently has its manufacturing plants in America, Mexico, China, Japan and   in many other countries.
So previously Tesla tried to enter into the Indian market.A group of Tesla team made visit to India to research in the Indian market road conditions and public opinions on Tesla cars.After the Tesla decided to launch their electric cars in India but as the import duty is very high in India, Tesla appealed Indian government to decrease the import duty on their electric cars, but Indian government denied, if Tesla plans to import electric cars which are made in China rather Indian government offered Tesla to set up fresh manufacturing plants in India.So that Indian can get job opportunity and Tesla can be benefited with the state government incentives.

Tesla  didn’t show much interest to this offer and recently when Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji visited united states he met Tesla CEO Elon Musk,after their meeting Tesla gave a green signal to set up a manufacturing plants in India.

 According to recent reports,we can confirmed that Tesla is going to set up a manufacturing plant in India.This upcoming Tesla’s manufacturing plant will have an annual capacity of 5 lakh electric cars.Tesla not only sells Indian made electric cars in India but they have plans to export it to other Indo pacific countries.So, Tesla is going to choose a state which has coastal borders and most probably it may set up it’s manufacturing plant in Gujarat state.

The starting price of Tesla electric car is close to 40 lakh rupees.To capture mass market, Tesla has to plan and develop a electric car which comes around 20 lakh rupes.And as per some sources, Tesla is exactly planning this. Tesla will bring an electric car which cost between 20 to 25 lakhs.

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