Earn lakhs of rupees per month by opening an electric car charging station || Best Business in 2024

Earn lakhs of rupees per month by opening an electric car charging station || Best Business in 2024

Nowadays, the sale of electric vehicles is growing rapidly in the Indian market and in such a situation, all the Indian or foreign companies, all the car companies have started making electric vehicles. In the coming time in the future, every company will definitely sell its electric vehicles. So in such a situation, there is a business which is called Electric Charging Station business.

Why we need Electric Charging Stations:

All the electric vehicles need charging and if people charge those electric vehicles at home, then it takes several hours. But if people charge those cars by going to the electric charging station, then the vehicle gets charged in a few minutes and at present there is a huge shortage of EV charging stations in India. So in such a situation, if you start this business, then in the coming time it can make you a Millionaire.

how you can open an EV charging station. Which documents are required for this, how much land is needed, how much money will be spent to open it and how much profit will be there in it and how can you apply for it. So let’s know how you can open a Tata Power EV charging station. Friends, Tata Power company is setting up the maximum number of electric vehicle charging stations in India. Tata Power Company’s target is to set up more than 1 lakh charging stations for electric vehicles in India and of all the charging stations installed in India so far, about 50% i.e. half of them have been installed by Tata Power alone. So in such a situation, if you take Tata Power’s dealership, then it can be very beneficial for you. So let’s know that

What is the eligibility to get Charging Station dealership:

What things will you need

To get Tata Power charging station installed

  • your age should be between 21 to 60 years.
  • You should have passed at least 10th.
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Photo
  • Bank Account
  • Address proof
  • The land should be yours or if you are not the owner of the land and are taking the land on rent then you should have a rental agreement with the brand. Also you will have to take NOC from the local authority if you are setting up a charging station like Tata Power then you should have NOC from the local authority.

EV Charging Station Criterias:

Land Criterias:

Company has not specified any specific size of land for setting up the station. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the entry and exit should be empty. It does not mean that a vehicle is coming and it is facing a lot of problems in coming and going to your charging station. This should not happen. The second thing is that you can start your charging station with just one and you will have to keep a staff who will be skilled and who will know everything about the charging station and if you want, you can make your office there itself where your staff can also sit and these are the only things that are required in it.

How much will it cost you to set up a charging station?

The amount depends on where you are setting up the charging station. If you are buying the land, you will have to think about how much it will cost you. If you are taking it on rent, how much will it cost and the rest of the main expenses that will be incurred in setting up the electric charging station, ₹2.5 to ₹3 lakh will go as your security deposit. And if you are setting up three charging stations, then it will cost you around ₹25 lakh and along with that you will have to pay salary to the staff. Whoever you hire and what is there in it, there is also a point of profit. In many states, more than 50 percent subsidy is being given. On setting up a fast charging station, you will have to spend the same amount of money on it. Suppose you installed three charging points and spent ₹25 lakhs on it, then only 50 percent of your money can be recovered. Because the subsidy is still going on.

How will you make profit in this?

Look friends, if we talk about profit, then for that you will first have to see what is the rate of electricity in your area, but generally the profit per unit is around ₹4, but for the unit, suppose any vehicle which has a 30 kW battery will consume 30 units in getting fully charged, due to which you can easily save ₹100 on one vehicle. Suppose you charge ₹200 for charging a vehicle, if you increase it from zero to 100 percent then you will save ₹100. ₹100 will cover all your expenses, staff salary, everything. So suppose you have set up three charging stations and about 30 vehicles come to those charging stations. If you get charged daily then you can earn Rs. 3,000 per day and Rs. 90,000 per month.You will have to calculate the profit of charging an electric vehicle yourself. It is absolutely correct because you will have to see what is the rate of electricity per unit in your area. So if you charge a vehicle, it will cost 30 to 40 units. Then you will have to think how much money you have to take from the customer who is coming to you to charge his vehicle and how much you will save then. Now friends, let’s talk about how you can make it more profitable. Look, you can open your own restaurant or any small place for people to sit or eat near your charging station for electric vehicles. What will be your biggest benefit in this is that the people who are charging their vehicles will stand there for say 45 minutes, then they can sit there in your small restaurant or anywhere and eat food there, you can also get profit from that. Secondly you can send goods there. Any item that people need very much on a daily basis, you can sell it there because the person who is charging your vehicle here will be standing there for 40-45 minutes, so he needs to do something. So you can get them to pass their time in some way and you can earn profit from that.

If you want to get a charging station from Tata Power, then how do you apply for it?

For this, you have to type Tata Power Charging Station on Google and after that you can go directly to the Tata Power website by clicking. After going there, when you scroll down a bit, you will see the solutions of Tata Power EV Charging Station and below it will be written ‘Click Here’. As soon as you click here, you can submit your name, if you have a company then its name, your phone number, email address, department and whatever you want. After that their team will contact you themselves or their contact numbers are also given, you can call Tata Power there too and find out all this information and get your charging station installed.

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