Types Of Electric Vehicle(EV)


We mainly have 3 types of Electric Vehicles:

1. Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV):


It is also known as HEV. It  is consisting of both IC engine and electric
motor that means this vehicles are powered by both gasoline as well as electricity. These vehicles are more similar to gasoline based vehicles because
you can inject the gasoline from external sources as we are doing in our IC
vehicle, but you can’t inject the electrical energy from external sources. There is absence of charger and the only thing which generates the electrical energy
is regenerative breaking. The battery capacity is quite good and it is 6 to12
kilowatt hours. This vehicle starts with the help of electric motors and as the
load and speed increases, the gasoline engine comes  to picture and its
cut off the electric motor.

 Examples of HEV:- Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid.

Working process of HEV:

HEV Process

IC Engine is started with theb help of fuel.IC Engine does not give direct power to wheel. The IC Engine starts the generator then the generator charges the battery and then also supplies power to the motor.In this way, the car is also charged at the same time and on the move.

 2. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV):


This is the upgraded version of this
HEV. The first common line of HEV and Plug-In is both are powered by gasoline
as well as electricity but the upgradation here is we are having charger now.
We can charge our EV with the help of external electrical energy
sources. Now we
are having gasoline for IC engines and for our batteries we are having external
electrical energy sources and regenerative breaking. When we are talking about the
range where typical HEV giving you one or two mile
 before its gasoline engine starts assisting. It can give you everywhere from 15 to 45  miles.

 Examples of PHEV:-Chevy Volt and Ford C-MAX Energi


 3. Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV):


Battery Electric Vehicles are fully electric.  There is no gasoline engine that means you  are burning 
no any fuel and you are emitting zero harmful
gases. These vehicles are
fully working on  the electricity so we need battery packs which are having very high capacity. With the help of  this very high capacity on board battery packs, we can charge our vehicle
with external energy sources, which might be grid big or solar power
plants or anything else. As we are using the high capacity battery and  these batteries are costly.

The initial cost is quite higher as compared to gas power vehicle but if you are talking about the overall economics
you are saving a lot of money in terms of fuel cost and maintenance cost The
battery capacity is very high and it lies between the range of 20 to 80 kilowatt/hour.

Examples  of BEV:- BMW i3,Tesla model S, Nissan Leaf.




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