Difference between electric vehicles and fuel based vehicles


Difference between Electric Vehicles and Fuel Based Vehicles


Mechanism of electric vehicles based on Magnetism. Electric vehicles use
electric motors and batteries to drive a vehicle. Whereas conventional vehicle
principle lies at the heart of internal combustion engine.

2. Source of Energy 

vehicles uses petrol and d
iesel as a source of fuel whereas electric vehicles
used electricity as a source of energy.

3. Prime Mover


vehicle uses internal combustion engine as a prime mover whereas electric
vehicles uses induction motor as a prime mover.

4. Light Weight 

vehicles does not have very heavy component so electric vehicles are light
weighted as compared to IC Engine vehicles

5. Pickup 

vehicles are more faster as compared to IC engine vehicles. When we starts electric vehicles, the vehicle produces High torque as soon as it starts, due to which it
runs very fast from the beginning. And When the IC vehicles moves, it produces
torque only after reaching a certain speed and holds the speed.

6. Maintenance Cost 

is no moving Part in the electric vehicles, So when we serviced electric
vehicles, there is no need to change  the power
plug, engine oil, filter
etc. Therefore, the maintenance cost of electric vehicles is very low as
compared to petrol or diesel vehicles.

7. Running Cost 

compared to electric vehicle the running cost of fuel vehicles is very high. The
per kilometer running cost of an electric vehicles is less than 60% to 80 % as
compared to a fuel based vehicles.

8. Battery Issues 

electric vehicles have a battery that needs to be recharged after a time
period. As time passes, the storage capacity of the battery decreases. That is
why the mileage also decreased with the passage of time. In general, The IC
engine does not have this problem.

9. Emission Rate

vehicles do not rely on combustion, so there is almost zero emission from the
tail-pipe. But in conventional vehicles polluted gases are released which is harmful
for our environment. So, electric vehicles are environment friendly.

10. Noise Pollution 

in fuel vehicles is very high while running, on the other hand the noise in
electric vehicles is negligible. Due to which the chances of noise pollution are
greatly reduced.

11. Cost

vehicles are still in their early stages, so their parts have to be imported
from outside, which costs a lot to make it. On the other hand, it costs less to
manufacture a vehicle with an IC engine. Their spare parts are easily
available. Electric Vehicles are much more expensive than the fuel Vehicles.


12. Torque

electric vehicles generates high n-m (Newto
n meter) of torque as compared to
fuel based vehicles.

13. Filling/ Recharge Time  

fuel based vehicles takes only few minutes to refuel. On the other hand electric
vehicles take many hours to charge the battery. Filling stations of fuel
vehicles are available almost everywhere. But charging stations
of electric vehicles are not available everywhere. It will take a
long time to build the infrastructure of this.

14. Mileage 

IC Engine vehicles is last longer in terms of mileage as compared to electric
vehicles. Fuel vehicles run much longer distances. On the other hand, electric
vehicles travel a short distance.  They have to charge after walking a
certain distance.

15. Manufacturing

vehicles can be assembles quickly and easily. Due to this, time is saved and
labor cost is reduced. On the other hand, assembling fuel-intensive vehicles
takes more time, which leads to higher labor costs.

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