Management System(BMS)

Why BMS:

We know,
Batteries are very much important for our electric vehicles but the same
importance is carried by battery performance that means the safety of the
battery needs to be assured by the battery pack provider.

We don’t
know whether our battery is over charged or under charged whether it is in over
current situation or over voltage situation or may be the temperature of the
battery is dealing with is not good for its health. These all factors affect
our batteries. When the BMS comes to picture because this over charging, under
charging, over voltage and under voltage situations and the high temperature
can lead to acceleration of aging process of a battery pack resulting in fire
or explosion, which can cause a human life as well, that is why BMS is used.

BMS plays a
very important role in the performance and safety of batteries.


Management System (BMS):

BMS is an
electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery
pack),such as by protecting the battery from operating outside it’s safe
operating area, monitoring it’s state, calculating secondary data, reporting
that data, controlling it’s environment and balancing it.


  •   Make sure that the battery is always
    ready to be used.
  •  Extend the battery life as long as
  •   Protect battery cell from abuse and


BMS Provides:

   ·        Monitoring:

             BMS provides us
continuous monitoring. MS monitors voltage and current of each cell of our
battery pack so it can make sure that our battery pack is not under charged, over charged or over voltage.

  •   Temperature Sensing:

                 BMS helps us with
temperature sensing so that it can make sure the 
  temperature outside of battery
pack as well as the temperature within the cells  of battery are maintained or
in the good  situation.

  •         State of Health:

       There is need to know
whether our battery is in good health or not whether there is need to
maintenance or exchange of our battery so this is why, state of health is
  •        State of charging:

          In the traditional vehicles, we have the fuel indicators so that we can maintain our fuel. In the similar way, we are having the charging indicators in our electric vehicles so that we can know how much charging is left in our batteries. It is provided by BMS.

  •    State of Power:

            It is the maximum power
that can be released or absorbed steadily by the power battery within a
predetermined time interval.

  •        Current Monitoring:
        We know, batteries are
provided within different C ratings and those are related to our current flow
so current monitoring is again much important parameter.
  •        Protection of battery:

             BMS assurance that our
battery is protected using the cell balancing.

BMS Topologies:

  •    Centralized BMS:

          In the centralized BMS, Every cell of the battery is connected to a single centralized controller.

  •     Distributed BMS:

        In the distributed BMS, a BMS board is installed at each cell, with just a single communication cable
between the battery and a controller.

  •        Modular BMS:

        It is the combination of about two
topologies of Centralized and Distributed. In this, battery is dividing in
different modules and every module is having its own BMS.There is a master BMS
which is taking care of other modular BMS.

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